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Our Uniform Patches

Nashua Valley Council Shoulder Patch
80 Year Veteran Unit Strip
Unit 1 Patch

These are three embroidered patches that every Boy Scout and Boy Scout Leader in our Boy Scout Troop currently wears on the left shoulder of their uniform. These patches are; The "Nashua Valley Council" Council Shoulder Patch (CSP), the 80 Year Veteran Unit Strip (our Troop is over 80 years old, we were established in 1918), and the Scout Unit Number 1 patch. When properly worn the CSP touches the seem where the sleeve meets the shoulder. Then the other two patches are sewn centered, under the CSP, with all patches touching each other, (no space between them).


Temporary pocket patches are worn on the right pocket of our Boy Scout uniform shirt.
They can also be put in clear plastic patch holders and suspended from the right shirt pocket button.
This helps protect them and makes it very easy to wear different ones.

1999 Spring Camporee Patch

We earned this patch in the Spring of 1999 for attending a Camporee.

1999 Camp Wanocksett Patch

Here is our 1999 Boy Scout Summer Camp patch for Camp Wanocksett.
They were established in 1924 and are celebrating their 75th Anniversary this year.

1998 Troop 1 Anniversary Patch

Here is our 1998 Troop 1 - 80th Anniversary Patch (1918-1998)

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